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What we do

Sport and Recreation is part of the Office of Sport.

More people. More active. More often.

Our purpose is to assist the people of NSW participate in sport and recreation, and our vision is of a community that uses sport and recreation to improve its well being.

We recognise that there's more to sport that just playing it. Sport and recreation play a vital role in binding our communities together, and participation in physical activity creates a broad range of benefits for all members of the community.

From developing the self-esteem of young people to maintaining the health and fitness of senior citizens, and nurturing talented athletes to improving everyone's enjoyment of life, we are concerned with the big picture gains of sport and recreation for all communities in NSW.

Some of our key roles include:

  • Financial assistance - Managing millions of dollars in government grants each year to help build and develop sporting facilities, nurture sporting talent and develop the sport and recreation industry.
  • Advice and information - Providing information on any aspect of sport and recreation, via our website, information resources and customer service centre.
  • Industry development - Assisting sporting organisations improve the quality of services offered to the community through financial assistance and training.
  • Industry regulation - Combat sports and motorsport
  • Coaching development - Ensuring coaches are trained and skilled through our coaching centre, resources and education.
  • Talent development - Nurturing talented athletes to achieve their potential through a network of Regional Academies of Sport, as well as providing financial support for athletes' development.
  • Water safety - Promoting the importance of safety in and around the water for the whole community through education programs and the learn to swim program, Swim and Survive.
  • Outdoor education and recreation - Our Sport and Recreation Centres provide outdoor education and recreation experiences for schools, corporate and community groups, children and families.
  • The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (NSW Division) - The Duke of Edinburgh's Award an internationally recognised youth development program providing opportunities for personal and social development for 14-25 year olds. For more information visit: dukeofed.com.au/NSW
  • Sport safety - Working with a range of organisations to create a safe sporting and recreational environment in NSW.
  • Getting people involved - We offer physical activity opportunities for people from all age groups, including Walking for Pleasure and "come and try" activities for adults and kids.
  • A fair go for everyone - Increasing opportunities for participation of under represented groups such as people with disabilities, women, older adults, youth at risk and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
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