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Located on the edge of this quaint township, the Berry Sport and Recreation Centre boasts a unique natural diversity that means your time spent at the centre will, at the very least, be very Berry special.

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What's on at Berry

Berry holidays Booking reference Dates Age group
Adventurer Kids' holiday camp FULLY BOOKED 68952 29 Sep - 3 Oct 7-12 years
Kids' Club Kids' holiday camp 68958 30 Sep Day-only program 7-12 years
YoungStars (for fathers and sons) 66969 18 Oct - 19 Oct Adult and child (primary school age from 7 years)
YoungStars (for fathers and sons) 66970 15 Nov - 16 Nov Adult and child (primary school age from 7 years)

Day only icon - denotes a day-only program (no overnight accommodation)

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