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Gateway to Sport: Ice Speed Skating

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Ice Speed Skating

Ice Speed Skating

About Ice Speed Skating

Sport in short

How to get involved

Join an ice speed skating club

You can also enrol in a speed skating school.

More information

At a glance

  • Official season: All year round
  • Registration: Dates and times vary. Contact your local club or venue
  • Male
  • Female
  • Children from 5 years of age
  • Adults
  • Beginners to advanced levels
  • There are around 3 ice speed skating clubs located across NSW
  • Clubs are based at Canterbury,Baullkham Hills and Erina ice rinks

Speed skating is a low impact sport that's fun and great for aerobic fitness.

Speed skating, known as short track speed skating, involves skating around a track on the ice as fast as you can, or want to go. Fast speed skaters travel at the equivalent of 30 kilometres per hour.

Skate School is where you learn how to speed skate and also learn the techniques you need for speed and safety. 

To get involved in ice speed skating, you need to register with a local ice speed skating club.  Before joining, you should have experience and some level of skill in skating at an ice rink already.  You’ll typically train once or twice a week and participate in competitions organised by the club or association.  Races are held for varying ages and ability levels.   Trained coaches will help you improve your speed and fitness.


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