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Gateway to Sport: Boxing

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About Boxing

Sport in short

How to get involved

Join a boxing club

Register to become an amateur boxer with Boxing NSW

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At a glance

  • Official season: All year round
  • Registration: All year round Involvement in competition requires you to register as an amateur boxer with Boxing NSW
  • Male
  • Female
  • Boys over 14 years of age and girls over 16 years of age
  • Adults
  • Beginners to advanced levels
  • There are approximately 40 amateur boxing centres who are affiliated with Boxing NSW

Boxing style training sessions can also be enjoyed through many gyms and private trainers

Boxing is a high-energy combat sport, excellent for fitness, stamina and mental toughness.

The sport involves two participants of similar weight boxing each other in a series of three-minute rounds.

Victory is achieved by:

  • Win on points as recorded by the judges
  • Win by retirement
  • Win by referee stopping contest (due to medical reasons for example)
  • Win by knockout.

Participation in boxing usually requires training for at least several months with a trainer before you are ready to participate in a sparring match. 

For boxing training, the basic equipment required is athletic footwear, hand wraps, bag gloves, punch mits and a heavy bag.  Many of these may already be supplied at your local boxing/training gym.  When you progress to sparring, you will need appropriate head and protective gear. 

To get involved with boxing in NSW, you need to register to become an amateur boxer with Boxing NSW and train with a trainer at a local boxing club/facility.  Your trainer will arrange a match through the matchmaker who will match you with opponents of a similar weight and skill level.


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