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Financial assistance and grants are available to sport and recreation organisations through a number of sources, including the Sport and Recreation grant programs.


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Sport and Recreation Events Program (CLOSED)

The primary focus of the Sport and Recreation Events Program is to attract and support financially viable sporting events in NSW.  The Program will provide funding for events that are international or national in focus, are recognised by the relevant sporting authority and provide an opportunity for talented athletes, officials and coaches to develop their skills through exposure to and participation in these events. The Program will also support events that provide participation opportunities at the state or community level and provide a focal point for community building and engagement. Applications closed 24 April 2015.

Sport and Recreation Disability Grant (CLOSED)

The Lifetime Care and Support Authority has provided funding for grants for sport and recreation projects that improve access for current and future Scheme participants, other people with brain and/or spinal cord injuries and people with disability more generally. Applications closed 2 April 2015.

NSW Footy Facilities Fund (CLOSED)
The NSW Footy Facilities Fund is an initiative of the National Rugby League (NRL) and the NSW Government and assists clubs improve the quality, availability and standard of their facilities.

The NSW Footy Facilities Fund aims to improve facilities for a variety of benefits including increasing participation, safety and security, environmental sustainability, social inclusion and building strong communities. Applications closed 9 January 2015.
Safe Shooting Program (CLOSED)
To assist shooting, hunting and collecting clubs meet Work Health and Safety obligations and compliance requirements as assessed by the NSW Firearms Registry. Applications closed on 24 October 2014.
Sports Development Program (CLOSED)
The Sports Development Program is designed to assist eligible State sporting organisations and peak industry bodies to work in partnership with the State Government to develop their sport and recreation activities at all levels in NSW. This program provides a flexible system of financial support, which responds to the priorities of organisations and is consistent with government policies and priorities.
Sport Facility Program (CLOSED)
The primary focus of this program is to assist with the funding for the development of local and regional level sport facilities and increase the availability, standard and quality of these facilities in NSW. Applications closed on 31 October 2014.
Surf Club Facility Program (CLOSED)
The primary focus of this program is to assist with the funding for the development of local surf life saving clubs. The program aims to increase the availability, standard and quality of surf life saving clubs in NSW for the benefit of their members and the wider community. Applications closed on 17 October 2014.
Frequently Asked Questions
The FAQs clarify matters that have been raised by organisations intending to make a grant funding submission.

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