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Participation and Facility Program

The focus of this program is to provide increased opportunities for participation in sport and recreation and assist with the funding for the development of local and regional level sport and recreation facilities in NSW.

There are two distinct project types within the Participation and Facility Program, these being:

  • Participation projects – that deliver a sport or physical activity participation experience to an identified group of people
  • Facility development projects – building new or upgrading sport and recreation facilities.

Applicants will be required to identify the type of project for which they are applying upfront, as different information is required for different project types. For example, information confirming planning consent and quotes are required for a facility project type.

What are the objectives of the program?

The objectives are:

  • increase regular and on-going participation opportunities in sport, recreation or structured physical activity in a sustainable manner
  • address barriers to participation in sport, recreation and structured physical activity.

Your project can address one or both of these objectives. Additionally, you may wish to address one of the project type specific objectives in order to strengthen your application.

Project type specific objectives

  • Participation objectives are to:
    • Deliver a program or service that will assist people become more active through participation in sport and recreation.
    • Build the capacity of the organisation to enhance provision of sport and recreation services.
    • Provide accreditation or training to develop the skills of volunteers to enable sport, recreation and structured physical activity programs to be conducted in locations across NSW.
  • Facility development objectives are to:
    • improve safety at sport and recreation facilities
    • improve amenities at sport and recreation facilities
    • develop environmentally sustainable sport and recreation facilities.

If you are not sure of the project type please contact Sport and Recreation on 13 13 02 or email grants@communities.nsw.gov.au.

What funding is available?

  • Grants are capped at $25,000 for facility projects and $10,000 for participation projects.
  • Funding is available for projects throughout NSW.

Organisations may apply for multiple projects or project types; however the maximum available to any one organisation is $50,000 in a financial year. The amount organisations request should reflect the scale of the project.

Organisations must contribute 50% or more to the project. This can include voluntary labour, donated materials and/or equipment or other resources. It is expected that the applicant will cover any administration costs incurred with the project.

Funding should be expended within 18 months of the date of signing the funding agreement.

Who can apply?

  • NSW incorporated, community based not-for-profit organisations
  • NSW Local Government Authorities operating under the Local Government Act (1993)


When can I apply?

Applications opened on 3 March and closed on 2 April 2014.


Please download and read the guidelines for this program (PDF below).


If you would like to receive an email when our sport and recreation grant programs open, please leave your contact details below.

Sport and recreation grant programs - email notification list

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Applications are closed

Applications closed on 2 April 2014.



Important dates

  • Opening date: 3 March 2014
  • Closing date: 2 April 2014

Further information

For further information about this program phone 13 13 02 or email grants@communities.nsw.gov.au.

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