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Primary School Camps

Our Primary outdoor education programs provide outstanding learning opportunities for students and are designed to supplement and value-add to the curriculum. We work to ensure that there is a continuum of learning that increases the knowledge, understandings, skills and dispositions of students.

Below are the programs on offer for stages 1, 2 & 3 in the school curriculum. You can also speak to one of our Program Coordinators and tailor a program based around your needs.

Click here for more information ROAR (Relationships, Outdoors, Action, Resilience)

ROAR is our signature program that develops relationships and resilience. Students undertake activities that challenge their abilities and build self-esteem. Watch your students get coaxed and cajoled into extending themselves and working together. They examine how teams work, solve group problems and learn to accept, trust and rely on others. Students build independence, a sense of personal achievement and an appreciation of the people around them.

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Click here for more information Green Time not Screen Time

With fewer opportunities for children to connect with the environment, this program focuses on getting students comfortable in nature by getting out amongst it. While outdoors, we encourage an appreciation for the environment as well as an understanding of sustainable living, survival skills and their responsibility to protect the environment. Students learn bushcraft while exploring the environmental impact and the concept of ‘leave no trace’. They’ll be too busy exploring their outdoor classroom to miss their electronic devices.

Click here for more information iSpy: Secret Mission

Embark on a journey in search of hidden treasure. Teams work together unlocking clues, searching for symbols and letters, deciphering cryptic messages and overcoming a variety of fun challenges.

This program explores the history of Sydney and develops student problem-solving skills, decision making, teamwork and map reading. Based on a Race around the world concept, students use clues to find set locations and landmarks. This mission is a fun, active and exhilarating way to learn the history of Sydney and is organised on the first day stopover as you travel to your Sport and Recreation location.

Click here for more information Yarning Together

Help students to develop an understanding of our heritage by learning about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander histories and cultures. Based on the key ideas developed in the Australian Curriculum, students gain greater knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their country/place and identity. They will learn about Aboriginal languages and listen to stories about ways of knowing and doing (now and in past times). Students enjoy ochre face painting, learning about totems, tool making and participate in Aboriginal games.

Click here for more information Camp Swim School

Your Learn to Swim program can now be done at camp. We can build in the right amount of sessions each day to your program with qualified AUSTSWIM accredited teachers that will meet your Learn to Swimrequirements. Just think about the savings in time, bus transport and organisation.

Click here for more information Eureka Moments

Discover the rich landscape of Australia’s gold rush from Lake Burrendong. This is the perfect location to explore the golden era through the HSIE curriculum. This five-day program features a visit to History Hill at Hill End to experience the once-booming gold town. The museum tour and a trip into the purpose-built underground mine showcase the lives and stories of gold rush miners. Three days of facilitated activity sessions.

Note: Due to locations and facilities not all programs are available at all Sport and Recreation Centres.

More information regarding your stay can be found in our teacher resources.


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